Ever seen a lean, green, cleaning machine?

The edenfern™ soil cleaner.
Peace of mind in peace and quiet.™

Residues from old pesticides, gardening chemicals, groundwater seeps and treated lumber can persist in your property for decades. These residues often contain arsenic, which can pose a dangerous threat to the health of adults, children, and animals. In the past, the only way to remove arsenic was to dig up the soil and send it to a landfill, an expensive and inconvenient approach. Now, there’s a better solution: the edenfern™ soil cleaner.

Discovered in the southeastern U.S. by university researchers, this beautiful fern has a unique ability to soak up arsenic from the ground into its fronds, which may be clipped and disposed of safely. With a powerful cleaning action 200 times stronger than in other plants, the fern quickly lowers soil arsenic levels. Use the edenfern soil cleaner if you know arsenic is in the ground, or even “just in case” – because whether or not arsenic is present, the fern serves as an attractive addition to a lawn or garden.

Licensed and offered exclusively by Edenspace, this remarkable plant is sun-tolerant and easy to grow. Perennial in Zones 7-10. Use it as a specimen plant or in borders and in beds, with vegetable gardens, flower gardens, flower gardens, and landscaping. edenfern™ – the natural way to clean the environment.

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