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Edenspace currently offers the following varieties of edenferntm:

Edenferntm Victory: The original edenferntm, produces the most biomass

Edenferntm Moonlight: Victory’s variegated cousin

Ferns are available in two sizes:

Cell Pack: Ferns are available in trays of 72 plants.  Each plant is a 3” tall plug. 

At $2.95 per plant, each tray is $212.40 plus shipping.


4” Pot: Ferns are available in boxes of 30 plants.  Each plant is about 4-6” tall and comes in its own 4” pot. 

At $5.95 per plant, each box is $178.50 plus shipping.

Please call to ask about large quantity discounts!

Shipping Charges and delivery time:

Edenspace typically ships via FedEx 3-day service.  The minimum shipping charge is $50 per box.  Please call for overnight and 2-day service quotes.  Allow up to 4 weeks for delivery as availability varies.

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