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The process of phytoremediaiton is made easy with products available from Edenspace. Soil remediation can be simple and affordable using any of these products. 

In addition to offering edenfernTM plants for soil bioremediation and phytoextraction, Edenspace offers a wide variety of environmental phytotechnology services and products for projects involving these practices: 
  • Phytoremediation of arsenic, lead, uranium, chromium, and other metals, metalloids and organic compounds
  • Woody biomass crops such as poplar for hydraulic containment and groundwater remediation
  • Soil and groundwater assessment, abatement and bioremediation
  • Biological detection and biomonitoring of environmental contaminants
  • Brownfield site development and use
  • Agricultural soil and water management and conservation
  • Environmental stewardship at firing ranges, mines, landfills and other industrial and governmental properties
  • Reduction of environmental health hazards and protection of land values at residential and commercial properties
  • Wetlands restoration and protection
  • Environmental management
  • Site investigation, applicability analysis, and remedial design and action
  • Risk assessment and management

There are many Edenspace products that can help with soil remediation. Call us today to find out more!

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