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Learn more about the renewable fuel biomass feedstocks that Edenspace is developing, and about the company's commitment to improving the quality of cellulosic feedstocks.

Edenspace is becoming a key technology supplier to the rapidly growing $9 billion renewable fuels industry by engineering crops with traits that enhance cellulosic ethanol production. Current technology based on fermentation of sugars from starch in corn grain offers limited opportunity to capture the full potential of the surging fuel ethanol market. Since 2003, Edenspace has been bioengineering crops with genes for increased biomass and expression of enzymes such as cellulases, thereby nearly doubling per acre ethanol yields and reducing the cost of producing ethanol from cellulosic biomass. 

What is Biofuel?

Cellulases are biodegradable enzymes that break down cellulose – which like the starch in corn grain consists of a long chain of sugar molecules – into simpler sugars that can be fermented into ethanol. Cellulases today represent up to 30% of the cost of cellulosic ethanol. High-efficiency energy crops are projected to reduce the cost of cellulosic ethanol by 20%. Other benefits include the reduced emission of CO2 from fossil fuels, increased energy independence, and increased farm income.

Edenspace’s market strategy is to develop a technology platform for engineering corn, switchgrass and other crops as cellulosic feedstocks to address the rapidly-growing worldwide biomass fuel and ethanol market. Enhanced corn varieties will integrate use of corn stover into existing corn grain ethanol production facilities, introducing an improved product into an existing customer base. Eventually switchgrass and other crops will supplement the use of Energy Corntm for ethanol production.


Renewable fuel sources are rapidly becoming the gasoline of the future. Edenspace is discovering new and innovative ways of creating biofuels. 

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